How to buy Lingerie for your Sweetheart



Included here are a few simple definitions of the different types of lingerie.  Hopefully this will provide you with a guideline of what to look for when shopping for your sweetheart.  Of course, please visit one of our exquisite boutiques and our knowledgeable Sales Associates are here to help you.

Baby Doll: A short sleep or lounge gown consisting of formed cups with a loose fitting skirt, matching panties may be included.

Bustier: A bra that stretches to the waist; looks like a strapless top. Garters at the bottom.

Demi Cup Bra: A bra that reveals the upper portion of the breasts and exposes the nipple; gives great support.

Camisole: A short loose fitting top that ends at the waistline. Sometimes worn visibly under an open jacket or wool clothes.

Chemise: A straight-hanging short sleep or lounge gown with thin straps on the shoulders.

Chiffon: A type of very thin silk or nylon cloth.

Corset: A stiff piece of underwear designed to make women look slimmer, by pulling the waist and lifting the breasts. Lacing at the back for corset to be adjustable.